My work

A curated list of my projects

  1. Adidas Statement Collection

    A curated collection just for you

  2. Wandering Fever

    Still and motion picture company from South Africa

  3. Film Locker

    Digital Film Archiving and Storage

  4. Lost Boy

    Year Zero

  5. Ramon Marin

    Climber and Designer

  6. Google Play Policy

    Developer guidelines

  7. Nexxus

    Regimen diagnosis for your hair

  8. Vista Residences

    Chicago Property Development

  9. Burberry Kisses

    Interactive layers of lipstick

  10. Blackwell Learning

    Book store and eReading platform

  11. Ash Thorp

    Graphic designer, illustrator, artist and creative director

  12. Mallorca Property Concierge

    An independent property buying agency

  13. Get Brewer

    The Brothers Digital

  14. Google Search Indonesia

    Mobile Search: Indonesia

  15. Brewer's Advertising Data

    South Africa's advertising database

  16. Gatherly

    Interest-based communities

  17. Toyota Positive

    Positive deeds

  18. Cravendale Epic Straws

    Loyalty campaign, built from straws

  19. Anchor Dairy

    The world of Anchor Dairy

  20. Love Cravendale

    Loyalty scheme web app

  21. Brewer's Droop

    Irreverent media newsletter

  22. Virgin Galactic

    A stellar trip

  23. Budweiser Social Manager

    YouTube takeover

  24. SDR

    Star of the Moving Tide